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There are some awesome events coming up this year. That’s why I decided to share them with you here. I’ll update the list when new information is available.

May 2024

May 14 – May 16 Creative Future Summit, with a session on “Sustainable Design Principles for the Next Gen UX and UI” (free to join online summit)

June 2024

June 11 – June 12  UX Connect in Aarhus, speaking about “How to bring ecological and social sustainability into your projects”

September 2024

Sept 9 – Sept 10  SmashingConf in Freiburg, speaking about “Sustainable Design for Nature and All People”. As part of my community you get 20% off with this 20% discount. 🙂

Sept 17 – Nov 19 Green the Web Live Group Cohort (waitlist open)

I’d love to meet you on any of those events!


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Hi, I’m Sandy, the author of this blog and a UX/UI Designer with 10+ years of experience. I founded Green the Web in 2019 to share my passion, ideas and vision of a sustainable web with change makers like you. Let’s connect on LinkedIn or on Instagram @greentheweb to discuss and share ideas.

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