Let's create a green and sustainable web

Act now or swim later! You want to minimize your digital footprint, become an ambassador for a green web and set your sails to an ecological and sustainable ride? You’re an UX/UI designer, a project manager, an online business owner, an influencer or you are simply interested in the matter? Welcome to this beautiful and fun journey to a more sustainable web and a greener tomorrow.

green datacenters

What’s the web’s footprint?

Data centers, telecommunication networks and end-user devices use massive amounts of energy and emit more than 830 million tons of CO2 per year (same as the aviation industry).*

CO2 is one of the biggest causes for climate change and therefore droughts, crop failures, rising sea levels, poverty, hunger, etc.

What’s a green web?

Your website, app or other kind of digital service is green, if you run it on renewable energy, you have very little data to load, you chose green digital tools for your work and you talk about all the sustainability efforts within your brand or business.

What tools are good to use?

You want to work in a greener and more sustainable way? There are so many super cool and helpful tools I use myself or heard great feedback from.

Sandy, the author

Who's behind the scenes?

Hi, I'm Sandy, a UX/UI designer with the vision of a sustainable web. When I stumbled upon the green web topic, I had a hard time finding information about it. That's what I want to change. There is so much freakin' awesome knowledge out there, that I want to share.

6 steps to a greener web

You want to know a bit more about specific actions you can take to green the web? Priority number one is without a doubt switching to an eco hoster and can save you up to 93 percent of your emitted CO2. Check out other steps to take from green patterns to reducing CSS and JS or compressing images and videos.

You want to dive deeper?​

1 on 1 coaching

You want to dive deeper into the topic of green web design or have questions about a project you're doing? Let's get together and discuss how I can help you.

Workshops for teams

You are a small team that wants to bring their project into a sustainable approach? Get in contact and we'll figure out which workshop format is best for you.

Workshops for agencies

You want to spread some knowledge within all of your design teams and product owners? Let's talk about ways of creating cool workshops together.

Questions? Feedback? Let's have a chat!

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