How green is your website?

Ehm, what’s not supposed to be sustainable with the web? A lot! And how can one change that? Super easy! Reduce data weight, choose a hoster with renewable energy, talk about sustainability. All that contributes not only in a greener UX/UI design but also in better usability, minimal loading times and higher SEO rankings.

Sandy Dähnert

What’s the web’s footprint?

Every mouse click starts a dialogue with data centers, that run 24/7 on energy and are cooled down with huge amounts of water. Telecommunication networks and end-user devices add to the massive needs of energy and emit all-together more than 830 million tons of CO2 per year, estimates rising.*

CO2 is one of the biggest causes for climate change and therefore droughts, crop failures, rising sea levels, poverty, hunger, etc.


What’s a green website?

Your website, app or other kind of digital service is green, if you run it on renewable energy, you have very little data to load, you chose green digital tools for your work and you talk via your website, Social Media and offline activities about all the sustainability efforts within your brand or business.

You’re website gets a boost in terms of findability, rankings, super minimal loading times, very small page weight and happy users.

That's where I support you

45 min. power feedback

45 minutes full of knowledge! I'll feedback your digital product and you get to ask all your questions about eco hosting, content and more. The perfect start for green webdesign!

Green UX/UI design

Relaunch or new concept? I create a climate friendly concept and design for you, do user research and give you a ton of advice for a green implementation and development.

Website sustainability analysis

I'll analyse your website, shop, newsletter and/or digital office and show you the potential and paths you can take to get climate neutral.

Sandy Dähnert


The world wide web has a big impact when it comes to energy consumption, the usage of water for cooling data centres and the emission of CO2. If the ICT (information and communication technologies) industry would be a country it would rank 3rd in the world in terms of energy consumption. That’s massive. This includes the web, the telecommunication networks and the devices that are used.

.. Gaining knowledge and setting up new structures costs effort and some money, but

.. Switching to a hoster with sustainable energy costs the same as “normal” ones

.. Loading times are heavily reduced which means faster services and as studies show more interaction and conversion, which means even more income

.. Green is the new future and becomes more and more important for purchase decisions

.. Gaining knowledge in this area still means being first mover. That’s something!

Sure, ecological sustainability and a smaller footprint are two of the obvious reasons. But next to that you get cool benefits such as faster loading times, better usability, findability, SEO and reputation. That concludes into happier and most often more users, that trust your brand and buy your products.

Green design means reducing data, requests and scripts that are integrated on the website (which doesn’t mean boring design). Less data and an optimized technical structure means less loading times.

All businesses and brands are welcome to join the journey whether you are already a deeply sustainable brand, startup, self-employed person, freelancer, initiative or NGO or whether you are in the process of becoming such. We all started somewhere.

Let’s see… Sometimes higher hierarchy steps can be tricky to get on board but honestly, this is one of the easy ones. It all comes down to money, reputation and joy of use. And green web design covers all of that by needing very little money while integrating and brings in more money due to better usability, findability and conversion. If you’re not sure, how to convince your stakeholder, don’t hesitate to send me an email or give me a call. I’m happy to help!

Hi you, I’m Sandy Dähnert, a freelance UX/UI designer from Cologne, Germany. I’ve been freelancing since 2016 and love my job to the core. My main skills cover UX/UI design, user research, green design and content creation. If more skill sets are needed, such as a developer, SEO consultant, social media manager or project manager, I have a loving network we can ask for support

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Hi, I'm Sandy Dähnert

I’m a UX/UI designer with the vision of a sustainable web. When I stumbled upon the green web topic, I had a hard time finding information about it. That’s what I want to change. There is so much freakin’ awesome knowledge out there, that I want to share.

Some projects and NGOs that I support

Part of the profits go into projects that I admire, love and deeply care for. Either as volunteering or as financial support. The followings are just a few of them:

You want your own website to be green?

There are a few steps to take that really don’t hurt and are done pretty quickly. Start with eco hosting and then go further. Or start with compressing all your images. I’m happy to support you on that journey! Why? Because I want the internet to be less of an energy eating monster and more of a loving network. For the planet and our climate.

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