You would love to have a green and sustainable website? Let’s work on it!

Ehm, what’s not supposed to be sustainable with the web? A lot! And how can one change that? Super easy! Reduce data weight, choose a hoster with renewable energy, talk about sustainability. All that contributes not only in a greener UX/UI design but also in better usability, minimal loading times and higher SEO rankings.

Sandy Dähnert

What’s the web’s footprint?

Every mouse click starts a dialogue with data centers, that run 24/7 on energy and are cooled down with huge amounts of water. Telecommunication networks and end-user devices add to the massive needs of energy and emit all-together more than 830 million tons of CO2 per year, estimates rising.*

What’s a green website?

Your website, app or other kind of digital service is green, if you run it on renewable energy, you have very little data to load, you chose green digital tools for your work and you talk via your website, Social Media and offline activities about all the sustainability efforts within your brand or business.

With green design you’re website gets a boost in terms of findability, ranking, super minimal loading times, very small page weight and happy users. Why? Because sustainable webdesign equals super minimal data load.

You want a fast, planet friendly, lightweight website?

A website that supports your values, your business goals and your brand identity is key to a successful business. I’m happy to connect with you and support you in your vision!

––– For brands, entrepreneurs, companies, NGOs –––

01. Let’s connect

Let’s connect on LinkedIn, Xing, via email or on Instagram. I am so curious to hear what your thoughts are and what your questions might be.

02. Book an eco website analysis

I’ll analyse your website, shop and/or newsletter and show you KPIs and paths you can take to get more climate neutral. You’ll get a full list of tasks including hands on descriptions, tools, priorities and potential savings.

03. Let me do your UX research, UX architecture, UI design and branding

You need someone to relaunch your website or app? Or you are about the create something totally new? Or you want to find out what your users are thinking via qualitative user research and other UX methods? I’m happy to help, will create a climate friendly brand strategy, concept and design for you, do user research (including nature as a stakeholder) and give you a ton of advice for a green implementation and development. 

04. Get inspired by all the great free resources on my website

Read through my 6 steps to a greener website, scroll through my tool list, get lost in my data base of recommended talks, podcasts and articles and explore my blog posts about mental healthbest cases or my definition of green UX/UI design. Additionally, there is a lot of content to scroll through on the Instagram.

––– For designers –––

01. Explore your way through the great free resources on my website

Browse through my website and begin with my 6 steps to a greener website, my tool list, my data base of recommended talks, podcasts and articles and my blog posts about mental healthbest cases or my definition of green UX/UI design. Additionally, there is a lot of content to scroll through on the Instagram.

02. Let’s connect

Whether it is LinkedIn, Xing, email or Instagram – I’m super stoked that you are here and love to hear your thoughts, feedback and questions.

03. Workshops, sessions, masterclasses

There is always something going on and I will eventually post my own workshops, sessions and masterclasses on my platforms. (Please let me know if you feel like a certain format or specific content would help you the most!) Until then, I’ll post links to the (external) workshops and classes I’m giving and you’re more than welcome to come!

You would love to learn more as a designer about sustainable UX/UI design?

As a designer you want to live your values, want to combine your personal sustainability with your job perspectives. I’ve been there and would be happy to help you.

My vision …

… is a green, climate friendly web with happy users, super fast websites, healthy and loving communication, high accessibility, diversity, green patterns instead of black patterns and brands and designers that love their digital products and jobs. For the planet.


What’s the impact of green UX/UI design?

The world wide web has a big impact when it comes to energy consumption, the usage of water for cooling data centres and the emission of CO2 that comes with it. The average of a website is 1,76g CO2/page view*. Mulitiply that with roughly 10.000 page views every month. Suddenly those super small numbers get quite big. For just one website. And there are millions of websites out there.

How much does it cost?

.. Gaining knowledge and setting up new structures costs effort and some money, but

.. Switching to a hoster with sustainable energy costs the same as “normal” ones, loading times are heavily reduced which means faster services and as studies show more interaction and conversion, which means even more income, green is the new future and becomes more and more important for purchase decisions, gaining knowledge in this area still means being first mover. That’s super valuable!

What are the benefits?

Sure, ecological sustainability and a smaller footprint are two of the obvious reasons. But next to that you get amazing benefits such as faster loading times, better usability, findability, SEO and reputation. That concludes into happier and most often more users, that trust your brand and buy your products.

How can loading times be reduced by green UX/UI design?

Green design means reducing data load, requests and scripts that are integrated on the website (which doesn’t mean boring design). Less data and an optimized technical structure concludes directly into less loading times and therefore into a super fast website.

Who’s addressed?

Everyone! All businesses and brands are welcome to join the journey whether you are already a deeply sustainable brand, startup, self-employed person, freelancer, initiative or NGO or whether you are in the process of becoming such. We all started somewhere.

“My boss will never ever commit to this.”

Let’s see… Sometimes higher hierarchy steps can be tricky to get on board but honestly, this is one of the easy ones. It all comes down to money, reputation and joy of use. And green web design covers all of that by needing very little money while integrating and brings in more money due to better usability, findability and conversion. If you’re not sure, how to convince your stakeholder, don’t hesitate to send me an email. I’m happy to help!

Who is the designer behind the scenes?

Hi you, I’m Sandy Dähnert, a freelance UX/UI designer from Cologne, Germany. I’ve been freelancing since 2016 and love my job to the core. My main skills cover UX/UI design, user research, green design and content creation. If more skill sets are needed, such as a developer, SEO consultant, social media manager or project manager, I have a lovely network we can ask for support.

Find out more about me

How can you get in contact with me?

Feel free to send me an email or to connect on LinkedIn, Xing or Instagram. Whatever suits you. It can be about just connecting, networking, asking for support or planing on working together for a bigger project. I’m happy to hear from you!

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Find your way. Be creative. Enjoy the journey.

Start to green your website

There are a few steps to take that really don’t hurt and are done pretty quickly. Start with eco hosting and then go further. Or start with compressing all your images. See more of that in my 6 steps on how to green your website

I’m happy to support you on that journey! Why? Because I want the internet to be less of an energy eating monster and more of a loving network. For the planet and our climate.

Analyse your website now

Go ahead and find out how heavy your website is. With Website Carbon you can find out how much CO2 / page view is emitted from your website. With GTMetrix (or similar tools) you can test how big your website is in terms of loading times and data load.

Btw, this is no ad, just recommendations.

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