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Green tools

You want to work in a greener and more sustainable way? Check out the listed tools and feel free to send me your own recommendations. None of the listed tools is paid advertisement.

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Sustainability analysis

Website carbon

One of my favorite tools to analyze the impact of websites in relation to the CO2 emission.


Extremely useful to check your current page load and page speed plus super helpful tipps.

Pagespeed Insights

A Google tool to check things you can do to improve your page speed. Very detailed.


An amazing tool that gives you advice on what to do for a greener website.

Digital Beacon

Super tool with which I always like to run analysis. Shows CO2 emissions, page size and many useful tips.

Green IT browser add-on

A helpful tool to check all kinds of green web design facts within your browser dev tools.

Images and videos


The image compression tool I use the most. You can compress 500 images/month for free and it is super easy to use.

Smush WordPress plugin

THE WP plugin for image compression, lazy load and all kinds of other useful features which is highly rated from thousands of users.

Tiny PNG

The tool compresses PNGs and JPEGs and is also very popular. You can add up to a pro plan or buy their photoshop plugin.

Image Optim

A desktop tool for Mac (or a pay web version) with a lot of image features and great results.

RIOT optimizer

The Radical Image Optimization Tool is a desktop tool in which you can compress tons of different image formats. Really neet.


You want to compress videos? Handbrake is a small and super simple to use desktop tool with awesome results.

Web analytics

Cabin Analytics

Very low footprint, high data security, no cookies web analytics tool. It’s designed very well and also tells you your CO2 emissions per page.

Koko Analytics

WordPress plugin that has very high standards on data security. With the plugin you can analyse your pages right within your WordPress backend.

Plausible Analytics

Another open source and transparent web analytics tool with a great sense for data privacy without using cookies. Read this article about their structures.

Fonts, lazy loading, CSS/JS


Optimize your DIY fonts with the tool and reduce the size immensely. Check out the Mightybites article about fonts for more info.


Add the lazysizes script to your pages and let offscreen images load only when they are needed.

Lazy Loading WordPress

There are a ton of WordPress plugins out there that offer lazy loading . There’s maybe even one you’ve already installed such as Autoptimize or Hummingbird.

JS/CSS compressors

I don’t have experience myself with those, but you can try JSMin (JS), Closure compiler (JS), YUICompressor (JS and CSS), AjaxMin (JS and CSS), CSSTidy (CSS), Minify (CSS), CSSCompressor (CSS)

JS/CSS WordPress plugins

Use Autopotimize, Hummingbird, WP Rocket or similar plugins to optimize, minify and compress your CSS/JS.

Caching WordPress plugins

Use W3 Total Cache or Hummingbird as caching plugin so you can achieve better results in performance and data load.

Office and communications

Vidoe conferencing with Fairmeeting

Video chat with Jitsi on basis of the fairmeeting servers. This way it’s green and your data is secure. Best for small groups.

Video conferencing with BigBlueButton

Start bigger video conferences with BigBlueButton in combination of fairteaching as hoster. Best for big groups.


Self-hosted data secure productivity tool with everything an office needs with cloud, data and messaging options.

Faircloud (in German)

Green and fair cloud service that has a free starter package and additional options.

Miro Whit

Switch from paper post-its to digital ones. Work as a team on whiteboards, with post-it’s, mind maps, kanban boards and more.


Another workspace for visual collaboration and reduction of real life post-its and paper trash.


The open source messaging tool is a great alternative to Slack, Microsoft teams and others. Plus, it comes with great data security.


Mostly known by data security passionists this tool has cloud, document, kanban board and other features to offer.

Lamapoll (in German)

Create polls that are green and data secure. Up to 50 participants per poll are free.


Plant trees while searching the world wide web. Thousands of trees are planted already and the search is getting better and better! Love it!

Instagram would be more fun with you

Instagram posts

Find your way. Be creative. Enjoy the journey.

Start to green your website

There are a few steps to take that really don’t hurt and are done pretty quickly. Start with eco hosting and then go further. Or start with compressing all your images. See more of that in my 6 steps on how to green your website

I’m happy to support you on that journey! Why? Because I want the internet to be less of an energy eating monster and more of a loving network. For the planet and our climate.

Analyse your website now

Go ahead and find out how heavy your website is. With Website Carbon you can find out how much CO2 / page view is emitted from your website. With GTMetrix (or similar tools) you can test how big your website is in terms of loading times and data load.

Btw, this is no ad, just recommendations.

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