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Everything you need to know about green UX/UI design

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Get inspired with these links, articles, podcasts and more

Browse through my very personal list of selected links that have been extremely helpful to me along the way.

Follow these 6 steps to a green website

It can be so easy to make digital products environmentally sustainable. Start with the steps that are easiest for you to implement and lead to low load times and data. And then go further step by step.

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Use these green tools

Looking for green and sustainable work tools? Just browse through the list of tools on analytics tools, sustainable cloud alternatives, content compressors and more.

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Get the latest infos, best cases and facts about green UX / UI design, ethical design and accessibility among many other things.


Who’s telling you all that?

Hi, I’m Sandy, a UX/UI designer from Cologne with the vision of a sustainable web. I support brands to create ecologically sustainable websites, applications, online stores, portals and other digital products. Because we as designers and companies have a responsibility. And because it honestly has a lot of benefits.

There are so many great and creative ways that I like to incorporate into my projects and share with you outside of them. You have links that you would like to see here in the list? Then send me a message and let’s chat about what I should definitely include here.

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