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Links, articles, podcasts, communities and more regarding green UX/UI Design

Here you’ll find a very personal list of selected links that have been extremely helpful to me along the way in understanding the topic, finding study results, meeting people, and falling in love with the details of sustainable UX / UI design.

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Books and ebooks

Sustainable Web Design

Tom Greenwood’s book Sustainable Web Design is a real gem in this green web design niche. It covers a lot of ground, from analysis to concrete steps and well-researched facts.

Designing for sustainability

Tim Frick’s book Designing for Sustainability really packs a punch. It covers all sorts of topics from sustainable hosting to content to ways of working. And it also takes a very scientific approach to the subject.

Ethical Design Handbook

The Ethical Design Handbook is a practical guide on ethical design for digital products. It includes discussions on data security, transparency, positive change, and ethical design practices.

Smarte grüne Welt (German)

“Smart green world” is a book about digitalization between surveillance, consumption and sustainability. It revolves in many ways around the opportunities and risks of digitization.

World Wide Waste

You want to know more about the facts, figures and background of the internet? You want to get an idea of how much data garbage we have already produced? Then Gerry McGovern’s book World Wide Waste is just the one for you.


Green Design Podcast-Liste

Browse through my growing Green Design Podcast Spotify Playlist that suits as a collection of various cool podcast episodes about green web design. With both English and German episodes.

Podcast Green I/O

Gaël Duez raises awareness for more digital sustainability with his podcast Green I/O. It comes with exciting episodes with Chris Adams, Hannah Smith, Fershad Irani and many more.

Podcast Enviroment Variables

The Green Software Foundation hosts the podcast Environment Variables and interviews various tech workers on the topic of digitization, energy demand and green software.

Conferences and workshops

Sustainable UX conference 2019

The Sustainable UX Conference includes many valuable sessions on ethically, environmentally and socially sustainable UX in different industries.

Bits und Bäume conference 2018 (German)

The Bits and Trees Conference is a great collection of great (German) talks that address the various topics around sustainability on the web.


The CAT community is a very diverse and international group of people from various industries. Among other things, there is a Slack group for exchange (highly recommended), volunteer opportunities and many exciting lectures and projects.

Climate Designers

Originated in the U.S., subgroups are gradually being opened in various countries via the Community Climate Designers. Slowly, there also will be more local chapters which could be near you. There is an exchange platform and you can be listed as a Climate Designer.

Bits und Bäume (German)

Originating from the Bits and Trees conference, this community is dedicated to all socially, ecologically and socially sustainable topics of digitization. Exciting topics are always discussed, especially in the forum.

Mindful Commerce

Mindful Commerce is both, a directory for ethical marketers and designers as well as a great community. There are monthly meetups, exciting talks and the opportunity to exchange ideas about ethical selling.


Reflecta is a German-speaking community of change makers and people who want to make a difference. There are matchings to expand your network, a marketplace and a lot of space to discuss and exchange ideas.

Sustainable UX (SUX) Whit

First it was a manifesto, now it’s a bunch of people who are actively looking for more sustainable UX solutions with the help of a toolkit. Around it, an international community is emerging that is well worth a look.

Articles and studies

Green UX: Is your UI harming the environment?

The article provides an overview of parts of the problem and ways to make better decisions as a UX designer.

Sustainable UX Design

A short article and introduction to the topic of sustainable web design and the carbon footprint of the internet.

Greenpeace Click Clean Report

Already a bit older (2017), but still with insanely interesting facts around the big companies, services, data centers and much more.

Low Tech Magazine

A solar powered blog that is also sometimes unavailable when there is not enough sun. Low Tech Magazine questions many topics and always presents exciting discussions for debate.

Green web hosting: Comparison (German)

Web hosting with electricity from renewable sources makes a very big difference in the sustainability of your website. How can anyone find and choose a green web host?

How CDN is better for the planet

When choosing your hoster’s location, it is important to go for local data centers. Close to your main target audience. Or to choose a CDN. Because distance is also important for data streams.

Using Ethics In Web Design

Ethical thinking was the cornerstone of the Internet, yet somehow it got lost. What can you do to bring them back? What are questions, methods and tools?

Green UX Checklist

Manoverboard’s Green UX Checklist helps to get you started with six easy steps like image compression and optimization tools.

Studies of the Borderstep Institute

The Borderstep Institute repeatedly publishes great studies on a very scientific basis, e.g. on data centers or the energy requirements of video streaming.

Ericsson study: ICT and the climate

The Ericsson study is an insanely comprehensive publication with lots of valuable content on the entire information and communications industry including, video, social media, data centers, etc.

The Megawatts behind Your Megabytes: Going from Data-Center to Desktop

According to the study, internet energy consumption is roughly divided into 48% for the data centers, 14% for the telecommunications networks, and 38% for the user’s end devices. This varies for each website and user, of course, but it represents a typical scenario.

Publication “Künstliche Intelligenz – Können wir mit Rechenleistung unseren Planeten retten?” (German)

The publication highlights both the opportunities of digitization in the form of artificial intelligence, but also the downsides. It discusses how future AI can be designed with real added value for the environment and climate.

Mightybytes blog

The Mightybytes agency has a great blog on all sorts of topics and lots of content on green web design. Highly recommended.

WholegrainDigital blog

The agency WholegrainDigital also has a great blog on all sorts of topics and lots of content on green web design. There is also a great newsletter.


One single tweet generates as much CO2, as a human fart and therefore 0.02g CO2. With 500 mio. tweets daily that sums up to 10 tons CO2/day.

Permaculture on the web

An article on the twelve principles of permaculture that can be applied to designing websites in a sustainable and inclusive way.


Sustainable Web Manifesto

The Sustainable Web Manifesto is a call for open, clean, efficient, honest, regenerative and resilient web design.

AGD Charta für nachhaltiges Design (German)

The AGD Charta serves all designers, from print and graphic designers to product and process designers and web designers.

The Copenhagen Letter

The Copenhagen letter is a manifesto for humanity-centered design, transparency, ethical trade and much more.

Oslo Manifesto

The Oslo Manifesto would like to inspire designers and creatives of all kinds to adopt the SDGs as design standards for a new, sustainable world.

CDR Manifesto Whit

The Corporate Digital Responsibility Manifesto addresses the socially, economically and environmentally responsible use of data and digital technologies.

Other great guides, directories and more

Nachhaltiges Webdesign Jetzt

Gerrit Schuster has created an absolutely great library of sustainable web do’s and dont’s. The library is constantly growing and contains an enormous number of great tips and tricks for green web design.

Mozilla Internet Health Report

Mozilla releases an annual Internet Health Report that also discusses the environmental sustainability of the web.

Directory of sustainable web entrepreneurs (German)

This directory is currently creating a great group of web designers, developers, marketers and strategists who are committed to environmental sustainability.

Sustainable Web Design

Sustainable Web Design is a site from the two agencies Mightybytes and WholegrainDigital, who deal very extensively with the ecological aspect of web design and have also written the Sustainable Web Manifesto.

Threebility Impact Canvas

Threebility provides us with methods to think about business in a more sustainable way. These include the Impact Canvas and the Sustainable Business Model Canvas.s

Design Sustainably EU

Design Sustainably EU is a site about green web design and green tech by Peter Rod, a fellow UX designer with a lot of his favorite resources.

Sustainable Dev Directory

The Sustainable Dev Directory offers a list of sustainable developers as well as super helpful resources. Especially for tech savvy web designers and devs.

The Ethical Move

The Ethical Move group deals with all ethical topics in the digital field. You can also take their pledge. Absolutely recommended and great!

The Green Pages

The Green Pages are another extensive list of articles, resources and topics that I can highly recommend to check out.

Who’s talking to you about this?

Hi, I’m Sandy, a UX/UI designer from Cologne with the vision of a sustainable web. I support brands to create ecologically sustainable websites, applications, online stores, portals and other digital products. Because we as designers and companies have a responsibility. And because it honestly has a lot of benefits.

There are so many great and creative ways that I like to incorporate into my projects and share with you outside of them. You have links that you would like to see here in the list? Then send me a message and let’s chat about what I should definitely include here.

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