Ready for more sustainability as a UX / UI designer?

As a designer, you want to align your values with your job. Find meaning and motivation in your business. That’s exactly what I can help you with.

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“Green design gave me so much. A burst of energy, a sparkle to chase.”

Marco, Italy, designer

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The world needs you!

Customers demand it, competitors demand it, the planet demands it. “Sustainability” cannot be answered in one sentence and includes ecological sustainability as well as our social, societal and economic responsibility.

As a designer, you have the opportunity to create a positive future. You have the power. And together we can make a real impact.

Align your values with your job

You want to align your values not only in your private life, but also at work. Your job should feel good and your UX / UI designs should have a positive rather than negative impact. All this is possible! We can actually move the world with our profession. I’m looking forward to you joining me on the journey!

Join the Green UX / UI Design course!

What does Green UX/UI Design look like? How can I as a designer proceed in the design process? Where should I start? What do I have to pay attention to? Are there patterns, templates and sources of inspiration? How do I sell this to my clients? These are just some of the questions I would like to answer. Always available. Online.

Find out more about the Green UX/UI Design course.

Join the Eco-Friendly WordPress Design course!

Design WordPress websites that captivate audiences with their usability, beauty and creativity as well as respecting our nature. This program guides you through the fundamentals of technology to the intricacies of creative content creation, and a plethora of other essential subjects.

Find out more about the Eco-Friendly WordPress Design course.

Best practices of lightweight UX/UI designs

Browse lightweight, user-friendly, aesthetic and sustainable UX/UI designs of the web. Your website could be featured here too.

My podcast “Green the Web”

Tune into ecological and social Research, UX and UI Design as well as other aspects of sustainable designers or business owners.

My blog about green design

Read through my blog with many posts on Environment Centered Design, green UX methods, mental health, web design and much more.

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My favorite green tools

Looking for green and sustainable analytics, WordPress and work tools? Just browse through the list of my favorite tools.

Recommended articles, books, podcasts, etc.

Want to dig deeper? Scroll through articles, studies, podcasts, talks, workshops, communities, books, ebooks, manifestos and guides.

6 steps to a greener website

Eco-hosting, tech stuff, content and communication – It can be so simple. Go through the 6 steps and find your own way to green web design.

Sustainable UX/UI design with Sandy

Hi, I’m Sandy, your motivator to fall in love with sustainable web design.

I’ve been supporting businesses and change makers like you to design user-friendly, accessible and (since 2018) ecologically sustainable websites, apps, shops and other digital products. For over 11 years.

We as businesses and creators have a responsibility. Our websites shape today’s society. They frustrate or inspire. They have an impact on our planet. And it is precisely this responsibility that we have to use wisely.


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Sandy Dähnert