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Sustainable UX/UI Design

For websites, shops and applications

You need UX/UI design for people and the planet? You also want to understand your users better? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Image Sandy Dähnert

Thoughtful design with heart and passion

––– 01 –––

UX Research

You want to find out if your website or app really works well.

Usability Testing
Empathy Mapping
(Non-) Human Personas*
User Journey Maps*
Card Sorting, etc.

––– 02 –––

UX Architecture

You want to relaunch or create your website, app or shop.

UX Architecture
Rough and detailed concept

––– 03 –––

UI Design

You need support in the branding and interface design of your project.

Design strategy
Mood boarding
Digital branding
Layout and module design

Holistic. Authentic. Tailor-made.

No two projects are the same. Especially when it comes to complex websites and applications (my great passion). We look at your needs and decide together what is right for you.

By the way, sustainability, accessibility, inclusivity, diversity and mental health are automatically considered in every project.

Hi, I’m Sandy Daehnert

I am a UX/UI designer from Cologne. For more than 10 years I’ve been helping brands to design user-friendly, accessible and (since 2018) ecologically sustainable websites, apps, online shops and other digital products. Because we as designers and companies have a responsibility. And because, to be honest, it has a lot of benefits.

There are so many great and creative possibilities that I like to bring into my projects and also share outside. My work is my absolute passion, especially when it gets tricky and complex.

I was honored to work in amazing projects for Langenscheidt, Unicef, Telekom, Vodafone, Recoupling, Eurorad, Adobe, Klugo, DKV and various banks, insurance companies and car manufacturers. Will the next project be one with you?

Feel free to contact me to chat or to request a look at my portfolio.

Sandy Dähnert
Image Sandy Dähnert

6 benefits with green design

… You get super fast loading times.

… Your users get around easily.

… You SEO get’s a great boost.

… The trust into your brand rises.

… You get more users (due to SEO, usability, reputation) that love to buy your products.

… Your digital footprint gets reduced to a bare minimum.

There’s more if you want

––– 01 –––

Eco Analysis

You want to find out what’s not sustainable about digital product.

You will receive an analysis of your website, your shop and/or your newsletter, including potentials and ways you can become more climate-friendly.

Includes KPIs, specific tasks, priorities, tools for implementation, savings and reflection methods to get into the mindset.

––– 02 –––

UX / UI Reviews

You would like to have another perspective on your digital product.

With the UX / UI Review, you can either have your entire website / application checked or ask very specific detailed questions.

At the end of the analysis you will receive a report with all problems, potentials and implementation ideas.

(Can also be combined well with the Eco Analysis).

––– 03 –––

Talks & Workshops

You would like to learn more as a team, company, in a meetup, conference or in your community. Then feel free to ask me for a workshop, business lunch or talk.

Thematically I am completely open. UX, UI, sustainability, UX methods, digital cleanups, etc. Let’s just talk about it.

My vision …

… is a green, climate friendly web with happy users, super fast websites, healthy and loving communication, high accessibility, diversity, green patterns instead of black patterns and brands and designers that love their digital products and jobs. For the planet.

What’s the web’s footprint?

Every mouse click starts a dialogue with data centers, that run 24/7 on energy and are cooled down with huge amounts of water. Telecommunication networks and end-user devices add to the massive needs of energy and emit all-together more than 830 million tons of CO2 per year, estimates rising.*

What’s a green website?

Your website, app or other kind of digital service is green, if you run it on renewable energy, you have very little data to load, you chose green digital tools for your work and you talk via your website, Social Media and offline activities about all the sustainability efforts within your brand or business.

With green design you’re website gets a boost in terms of findability, ranking, super minimal loading times, very small page weight and happy users. Why? Because sustainable webdesign equals super minimal data load.

Questions? Feedback? Let’s have a chat!

Whether it’s networking or planing on working together for a project – I’m happy to hear from you! Hit me up with a message or schedule a call.

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