You want green UX/UI design? I'm the one for you!

I’m a freelance UX/UI designer from Cologne, Germany, with lots of love for design, planet earth and hammocks. I support brands and businesses to create ecologically sustainable websites, online shops and other digital stuff.

Sandy Dähnert

Hi, I'm Sandy Dähnert

When I stumbled upon the green web topic, I had a hard time finding information about it. That’s what I want to change. There is so much freakin’ awesome knowledge out there, that I want to share.

How I came to green webdesign

I started as a very user centred UX architect in a digital agency, deepened my love for mother earth while volunteering for an environmental NGO in Latin America and after gaining some more certificates I found myself as a UX/UI freelance designer back in Cologne, Germany, with the ambition to change the world and it’s societal and environmental problems.

I used less plastic, bought more local foods, lived even more minimalistic, DIYed all kinds of household things, engaged more as volunteer for national NGOs. But what‘s with the work I do? How I work, for whom I work, how the pages are designed?

December 2018 I fell in love with the topic of green web design via a talk request about sustainable design in general (including ecology, corpocracy, society) and dived right into it and its amazing possibilities. Well, I just love it.

Sandy Dähnert

Some projects and NGOs that I support

Part of the profits go into projects that I admire, love and deeply care for. Either as volunteering or as financial support. The followings are just a few of them:

Recent session I gave

I’m the one for you if …

Will you be part of the problem or part of the solution?

You want your own website to be green?

There are a few steps to take that really don’t hurt and are done pretty quickly. Start with eco hosting and then go further. Or start with compressing all your images. I’m happy to support you on that journey! Why? Because I want the internet to be less of an energy eating monster and more of a loving network. For the planet and our climate.

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Questions? Feedback? Let's have a chat!

Whether it’s networking or planing on working together for a project – I’m happy to hear from you! Hit me up with a message or schedule a call.