Hi, I’m Sandy. 👋

I am the head and heart at Green the Web, a freelance UX/UI designer with 11+ years of experience, podcast host and social and environmental justice activist.

Sustainable UX/UI design was an absolute game changer for me. And so that it’s not just me, I support designers and companies in creating ecologically and socially sustainable websites, apps, online shops and other digital products.

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My vision is an ecological, social and ethical web. Simply designing climate-friendly, accessible and mentally healthy digital products that communicate transparently and lovingly, inclusively, diversely and with a positive impact on the regeneration of our nature.

Easy, right?

More than 11 years of UX/UI Design


Hello UX!

How exciting! In 2012, I started my journey as a user experience architect and researcher in a digital agency. What a great start that was! I was allowed to try out so many different areas, was thrown in at the deep end and learned an incredible amount.


Off to Latin America.

I wanted more. More meaning in my job. So I quit my job without further ado and went to Nicaragua as a web design volunteer for an environmental NGO. A time that will remain thick and fat in my heart forever. And it left an incredible mark on me.


Well ok, freelancer then.

After more than 13 months in Nicaragua and traveling in Latin America, I went back. I was overwhelmed. By consumption. My backpacker/”hippie” perspective didn’t fit so well with capitalism. So I started volunteering more for national NGOs, lived even more minimalist and started freelancing. Oha, so from now on I could choose my clients. During this time, I also took my UI design courses to have more value for social enterprise projects.


Sustainable web design

Wait a minute – what about the work I do? How I work? December 2018 I got a request to give a talk on sustainable design in general, including sustainability in relation to ecology, corpocracy and society. Badabooom! Not only can I make a difference to who I work for, I can also make a difference to how I work. So I immediately fell in love with the issue and have been working to get others to do the same ever since! 😃

Sandy Dähnert

Get to know more about my journey in the podcast episode from “Happy Work”

Get to know more about my journey in the podcast episode from “Green the Web”

Work with me on your website, shop or app

You’re looking for sustainable user research, UX conception, UI design or simply someone who can look over things? Let’s get together!

Become a sustainable designer

As a designer you want to align your values with your job. Find out more about trainings, free resources, my podcast and much more.

Some NGOs that I supported

Part of the profits go into projects that I admire, love and deeply care for. Either as volunteering or as financial support. The followings are just a few of them.

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A couple of meetups, I did Sessions on recently

Sessions, impulse talks, business lunches or workshops. There is always something new coming in.

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Listen to the Green the Web podcast

Tune into ecological and social Research, UX and UI Design as well as other aspects of sustainable designers or business owners.

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Whether networking or planning a project together – I look forward to hearing from you! Just drop me an email or let’s connect on LinkedIn or on Instagram.