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Best Practices of sustainable UX/UI designs

Browse through lightweight, user-friendly, aesthetic and sustainable UX/UI designs of the web. The library is constantly growing and your website could be featured here too.

Sustainable UX/UI design library

Each of the listed websites has a minimal digital footprint (measured by CO2 value), a very good user experience and a stand-out UI design. More info on the selection

The selection of UX/UI designs

The selection of the listed sites is based on three pillars: digital footprint, UX and UI. I measure the digital footprint with The evaluation of the UX and UI is done as an internal design review.

Planned extensions to the library

You can look forward to many extensions of the library. Various categories are planned (websites, shops, landing pages, apps, etc.), as well as references to the designers, interviews, backgrounds, saving options and much more.

Your suggestions for the library

You have suggestions for lightweight websites with top UX/UI? Maybe even a site of your business or one you designed? Feel free to send me a message with the link of the site.

Monthly new designs

New designs will be added monthly. So feel free to take a look at the library every now and then and connect with me on Instagram, LinkedIn or via my newsletter.

Analyze your own website

Find out how heavy your website is. I prefer to use Digital Beacon, which allows you to see how much CO2 / page visit is emitted from your website and how big your website is.

What means “CO2 per visit”?

The value “CO2 per visit” tells you how much estimated CO2 is emitted with a single website visit. If you multiply this by the number of visitors per month, you get a magnitude of the consumption.

Find your path. Be creative. Enjoy the journey.

Hi, I’m Sandy, the founder of Green the Web. My vision is an environmentally and socially sustainable web. Come along on the journey!

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More info for designers

As a designer you want to align your values with your job. Find meaning and motivation in it. I show you where you can start your journey.


More info for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur you also want to make your website, application or emails more sustainable and greener. I can show you how to do so.

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