Mother Nature meditation

Join me on this bonus episode and get connected with Mother Nature. Imagine immersing yourself in forests, oceans, islands, glaciers, rivers, beaches and much more. Use this meditation for when you need inspiration or are in the midst of creating non-human Personas.

Enjoy a walk in nature or sit back, relax and close your eyes.

If you don’t like reading, you can also listen to this.


Take a deep breath in through your nose. And a deep breath out through your mouth. A second deep breath in. Deep breath out. Feel your body and feel your breath. There is nothing else you have to do right now.

Imagine …

Imagine being in a forest. You see all those different kinds of trees around you. All those different greens, tall trees, small trees, little bushes, little greenery that you can see.

It’s a beautiful day with blue skies and small white clouds moving by. The sun is shining through the leaves here and there. You can see birds all around you and hear their chirping. You can see other wild animals around you and in this forest. You can see rabbits, you can see deer. Maybe you can see even other animals that are wandering in this forest. And you can smell the incense of the forest. You walk around on this very soft ground. You can feel nature surrounding you.

Zoom out and you see this forest in all his glory. You see that the forest is going up towards a mountain range, a huge mountain range. And you can see that the trees are becoming smaller, the more it goes up. There is smaller bushes at some point, smaller plants. And at some point, even just the bare mountain surface. It has been there for thousands of years.

When you see this huge mountain range and go even further up and further up in altitude, you can see it slowly starting to snow. At some point you can even see glaciers. When we take a closer look to those glaciers that are white, gray and have this intense blue, really bright blue color of glaciers. Of bare ice. Thousands of years old.

When you see this glacier on top of this mountain range, you can see little waterfalls coming out of it. Little rivers turning into big waterfalls, turning into rivers again, turning into smaller waterfalls. And you can see this glacier water dropping down from the top of the mountain down into the valley. You can see this river rising and becoming bigger and bigger.

There are streams coming from all mountains around going into this river. Maybe you can see bears and fish around on this river. Maybe also other animals.

Follow along this river. It gets more dense again, and at some point it’s suddenly grassland. It’s just little small greenery. It has a warmer tone to it. There’s bugs, there’s beetles, there’s ants, there’s butterflies. At some point there is also cows and sheep. You follow this river along and it becomes a huge lake. Follow even further from one river that comes out of this lake and the river gets bigger and bigger. At some point, this river is having all those little arms, little canals. And it’s ending up in the ocean.

You can hear those waves. Crashing onto the shore. This very specific sound of waves. When you go out into this ocean, you can see dolphins, you can see colorful coral reef, you can see whales, you can see all kinds of different fish and animals that live in our seas. And you see this huge body of water. It seems endless. Fascinating. Mesmerizing. Can you follow along this endless ocean?

At some point on the horizon, you can see islands. You get closer to those islands. On those islands there’s dense jungle and you zoom into this jungle and you can see monkeys. You can see sloths. You can see snakes.

Suddenly you’re moving around from those islands to the mainland. There’s beaches and palm trees. You can see elephants. Toucans. We go even more towards this land and you can see volcanoes coming up. And when you come closer to those volcanoes, you can see hot springs, you can see fumaroles, you can see moving earth. Breathing.

See and feel this power. Our planet Earth has so much going on way, way underneath us.

And then you go further. You fly away from this volcano, from those hot springs, from this jungle. And at some point, suddenly it’s becoming a desert. And you see those huge dunes, soft sand, paintings, shapes. There’s light and shade. They’re so beautiful forms. Crafted by the wind. And you fly around it, seeing this very soft orange surface. And at some point you see even a little oasis with palm trees and water in it. Those little paradises within the desert. And then you go out into the ocean again. And you are again seeing this endless horizon of blue ocean. You fly for really, really long and at some point you see ice masses right in front of you. They’re becoming bigger and more massive. You can see seals jumping around in the water. You can see polar bears and nothing but ice. Ice floating around in the ocean. Ice on the mainland. It’s massive, cold and beautiful.

Zoom out

Zoom out of this image. Zoom out even more and you can see this whole planet Earth you’re living on. See all the landmasses, all the water masses. You can see clouds moving. Can you imagine Mother Nature in all her fullness? With all her colors and shapes, with all the scents and sounds that there are in this beautiful nature on our planet Earth. Imagine Mother Nature with all her seasons of dry and wet seasons, as well as spring, summer, autumn and winter. Feel the different energies Mother Nature offers around our globe. All these and so much more are part of our multilayered nature. So diverse. So unique. Planet Earth itself doesn’t care about what we human beings do or don’t do, whether we are on it or not. Planet Earth does not really care. But Mother Nature with all her small and big ecosystems, with all her animals. They do care.

We are just one tiny part of this beautiful planet, and we need to take care of all of our surroundings. Not destructive, but sustainable and regenerative. We are the last generation that can alter climate change. We have to do it now and we have to listen to Mother Nature.

Respect our nature. Respect our planet and the resources we have.


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