The Green the Web podcast is online

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Wohooo! Jipiiieh! Bäääääm!

I still can’t believe it but the Green the Web podcast just went live! 

This podcast covers all things about sustainable digital design best practices, ecological and social User Research, Information Architecture, User Interface Design, personal stories, business talk and much more.

For launch day, I’m sharing not just one, but three first episodes with you.

Episode 1: What is sustainable UX/UI design?

What the heck can be understood as sustainable UX/UI design? Let’s dive deeper into some ecological as well as social parts of sustainable design. We will go through User Research, Information Architecture, User Interface Design and communication design. All applicable for websites, web/mobile applications, software, emails, digital documents and all kinds of other digital products.

Topics in this episode

✨ What is UX/UI design?

✨ What is sustainability for me?

✨ What is ecologically and socially sustainable UX/UI design?

✨ What other aspects need to be considered for sustainable digitalization?

Episode 2: What are Environment, Planet and Life Centered Design?

There are so many wordings of frameworks out there that it can get very confusing. Let’s dissolve some of that confusion and get an overview of those buzzing frameworks.

Topics in this episode

✨ Where do we come from in UX/UI design?

✨ Why do we need new frameworks?

✨ What is Environment, Planet and Life Centered Design?

✨ What are similarities, what are differences?

✨ What can we do with those frameworks?

Episode 3: My background story and our power as digital designers.

In this episode I’ll give you deep insights into my personal background story. My journey of getting into UX/UI design and later on into sustainable web design.

Join me as I chat about

✨ My background, how I ended up in UX/UI design

✨ Why I quit my job to volunteer in Central America

✨ Why I afterwards wouldn’t want to go back into a “regular” permanent job

✨ How I coincidentally got to be a freelancer

✨ How a meetup was my turning point into sustainable web design

✨ How my design work changed with the sustainability mindset

Many more episodes will follow!

If you could ask one sustainable UX/UI design question, what would it be?

The list of topic ideas is endless, but I’d love to hear from you what your burning questions are, what you would like to hear about most. Send a message if you have something on your mind. I’d be super happy to get your questions in there.

How to get to the podcast?

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And then?

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Hi, I’m Sandy, the author of this blog and a UX/UI Designer with 10+ years of experience. I founded Green the Web in 2019 to share my passion, ideas and vision of a sustainable web with change makers like you. Let’s connect on LinkedIn or on Instagram @greentheweb to discuss and share ideas.

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