My 4 favorite newsletters on sustainable design

You want to dive deeper into the world of sustainable design, sustainable tech and climate-friendly UX/UI? Then take a closer look at my following favorite newsletters.

The Green the Web newsletter

Yep, that’s right, I think my newsletter is pretty dope and would like to introduce it to you here first. Once a month (sometimes less when it’s busy) you get green web hacks, inspiration, deep insights and news from the sustainable and green web design bubble. There’s always a little food for thought as well as lots of links to articles, podcasts, communities or whatever else exciting is going on in the green UX/UI design universe. No spam, I promise!

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The Curiously Green newsletter

The monthly newsletter of the agency WHOLEGRAINdigital (around Tom Greenwood) is fun to read and packed with exciting green design and tech links as well as book recommendations. It’s just generally very well researched and prepared.

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The ClimateAction.Tech newsletter

The newsletter of the ClimateAction.Tech community comes with a selection of links to articles as well as jobs and events from the CAT community. A lot about sustainable hosting, energy and tech.

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The Climate Designers newsletter

In the Climate Designers newsletter you will find everything about sustainable design. So it’s not just about UX/UI design or sustainable tech, but also about graphic design, interior design and so much more. So if you’re looking for a broader newsletter, this is the one for you.

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A little side note

The following applies to all newsletters: unsubscribe if you only delete them unread or if they don’t really bring you anything anymore. Saves nerves. Keeps your inbox free.

But if you like the newsletters and get added value from them, then use them. That’s what they’re made for. For monthly inspiration and motivation.

Have fun reading, browsing and being inspired!


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