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You are an entrepreneur and want to tackle green web design yourself?

As an entrepreneur or self-employed person, you also want to work digitally in a more sustainable and greener way. Your website, application or even your emails and newsletters need a little attention. And I can show you how.

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“Wow, ok, you make it look so easy that I instantly want to clean up.”

Miriam, Switzerland, online shop founder

––– Online courses –––

Starting in 2023: Online courses for sustainable websites and digital products!

What does a sustainable website look like? Where should I start? What do I have to pay attention to? What can I change with simple means? How can I best communicate sustainability without looking like green washing? I would like to answer these and some other questions. For you and your business. Online.

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––– Coaching and reviews –––

You would like a coaching or an eco-review?

I know, sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. If you want to know how you can explicitly make your website, your app or your emails more sustainable, feel free to write to me! We’ll see if a short coaching session or an eco-review (with a big report and to-do lists) is best for you.

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––– Free resources for you –––

Best practices of sustainable UX/UI designs

Browse lightweight, user-friendly, aesthetic and sustainable UX/UI designs of the web. Your website could be featured here too.

6 steps to a greener website

Eco-hosting, tech stuff, content and communication – It can be so simple. Go through the 6 steps and find your own way to green web design.

My blog about green design

Read through my blog with many posts on Environment Centered Design, green UX methods, mental health, web design and much more.

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My favorite green tools

Looking for green and sustainable analytics, WordPress and work tools? Just browse through the list of my favorite tools.

Recommended articles, books, podcasts, etc.

Want to dig deeper? Scroll through articles, studies, podcasts, talks, workshops, communities, books, ebooks, manifestos and guides.

Hi, I’m Sandy Dähnert by the way

I am a UX/UI designer from Cologne, Germany. I’ve been helping brands design user-friendly, accessible and (since 2018) ecologically sustainable websites, apps, online shops and other digital products for over 10 years.

As designers, we have a responsibility. Our websites shape society. They frustrate or inspire. They have an impact on our planet. And it is precisely this responsibility that I would like to use wisely. With you. Away from user-centered design. Towards Environment Centered Design.

Sandy Dähnert

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Questions? Feedback? Let’s talk!

Whether networking or planning a project together – I look forward to hearing from you! Just drop me a line or let’s network on LinkedIn, Xing and Co.

Sandy Dähnert