Creative UX for Nature

Turn your UX/UI Design skills into superpowers that do good for the environment by reducing the negative impact and implementing positive effects.

The demand for green UX/UI designers is growing rapidly, and the workshop will show you how to create innovative and creative “lightweight” digital products with positive impact features.

The live workshop was an absolute blast! 100 fellow designers from around the world were there live. The recording is no longer available.

Curious about upcoming events?

What to expect in the workshop

Create ecologically sustainable websites and apps without sacrificing your creativity.

Connect to nature in your design processes

Join me for a nature visualization to activate a new mindset and alter the way you view UX/UI design. It’s a powerful exercise that immediately leads to aha moments.

Reduce negative impacts and increase positives

Get my best creative tips on reducing the 10 energy eating monsters of UX/UI design as well as what options there are to implement features that positively effect our environment.

Overcome objections from clients and colleagues

Green design skills but no-one cares? Not when you know about the benefits and selling strategies that come with green UX/UI design. Every company and brand will love them.

Sandy Dähnert from green the web in front of green plants.

Your host: Sandy Dähnert

10+ years in UX/UI and 4+ years in ecologically and socially sustainable design have given me many insights into the design business.

As designers, we have a responsibility. Our websites shape society. They frustrate or inspire. They have an impact on our planet. And it is this responsibility that I would like to use wisely. With you. Away from User Centered Design. Towards Environment Centered Design.